Hours: 12-2:30/6-8:30

Kangaroo Island Natural Chilled Oysters with Aioli 20/35
Kangaroo Island Oysters Kilpatrick 22/40
Garlic Chilli Prawn Skewers served with Jasmine Rice & Aioli 15
Crumbed KI Haloumi with Kangaroo Island Native Current Jam 9.50
Buffalo Wings with Thai Hot Sauce 1/2kg or 1kg 12/20

Garlic Bread 6
Bowl of Chips 8.50
Bowl of wedges with Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream 10
Greek Salad with Kangaroo Island Sheep’s Feta 12
Fish & Chips Cooked to choice, served with Aioli 18.5
Kangaroo Island Whiting cooked to choice, served with Chips and a Aioli GF 29.5
Lemon Pepper Squid served with Chips and Aioli Sauce 19.50
Seafood Platter Fish, 2 Natural Kangaroo Island Oysters, 2 Scallops, (3) Prawn Skewer,
Salt & Pepper Squid, Chips and Aioli 38
Scotch Fillet– 300g Cooked to choice, served with Chips 28
Scotch on the Rocks– 300g With 3 Kangaroo Island Oysters Kilpatrick and Mashed Potato 38
Beef or Chicken Schnitzel– Served with Chips 14.5/18
Grilled Chicken Breast– with Kangaroo Island Chorizo, Napoli Sauce, Kangaroo Island Kefalotiri Cheese and Mash 24
Chicken & Haloumi Salad– Garden Salad with Kangaroo Island Haloumi Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Avocado and Aioli 22
Marinated Lamb with Rocket Salad with Char Grilled Eggplant 22
Kangaroo Island Chorizo & Cherry Tomato Penne Topped with Kangaroo Island Kafalotiri Cheese 19
Lemon Pepper Mixed Mushrooms Button, Swiss Brown, Shitake & Enoki With Green Salad and Thai Hot Sauce 18

Lunch Only
Hamburger– House Beef Pattie with grilled Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato and House Spanish Onion Relish served with Chips 16
Chicken Burger– Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast with Grilled Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and House Aioli served with Chips 16
Steak Burger– Scotch Fillet Steak with grilled Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and House Beetroot Relish served with Chips 16
Kids (Under 12yrs Only) 9
Chicken Nuggets & Chips
Schnitzel & Chips
Squid & Chips
Penne Pasta with Napoli Sauce and Cheese
Plain Gravy / 2.5
Mushroom Gravy, Pepper Gravy, Dianne Gravy/ 3
GF Gravy 3
Parmagiana 4
Creamy Garlic Sauce 3.5
Surf & Turf Sauce (3 Tiger Prawns) 7.5
Chorizo Napoli Sauce 6
Nut Sundae Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Roasted Nuts, Wafer Biscuits & your favourite topping 7
Sticky Date Pudding Topped with hot Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream 9.50
Smashed Berry Pav  Mixed Berries, Coulis and Whipped Cream 9.50
Coffee & Cake 6.5
Full coffee menu available